Friday, May 29, 2009


HI, HI! Here's what had happened these few days.

26 May 2009:
Had the last session of em. Thus need to cook for VP. My group and I cook 'nasi pattaya' , dessert - pudding chocolate, and drink - sprite cocktail. Then cook cook cook, until 12, VP and Ms Neo came to taste it. They said its nice okay. Hehee. Here's the pixs. The first pix - Natasha's group made it. Byeeeeee.

27 May 2009:
Went to school as usual. Had lessons and plus Malay intensive. Then 2.30-3.30 got a performance by NURteensLINE. FUNNY, and interesting^^ Then took pix with Khairul Anuar !! After school, went to shieng shiong with mum and sis. Bought alot of things. Then I take some pixs. Here it goes. Frog and snail. And with Khairul Anuar. Hahaa! Enjoy. Byeeee.

29 May 2009:
Get our report book back. My mum came at 9.12am. Talk talk talk then see my marks. 2 'U' class position, 9/33. Can larh. I put in effort(;

That's all! HAPPY HOLIDAYS, AND GOODLUCK FOR 'O' LEVEL MT, 4E(s), 4N6, 4N7, 4N8 AND 5NA(s)!,

Monday, May 25, 2009


Firstly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Emmeline! (:
Today get our mye papers back. No need say the marks arh. For em, went to Islamic Retaurant. Okay larh. But abit cramp. After the tour, we got nasi briyani. Hahaa, nice. Went to careffour, fun. But not that satisfied. Nvm, forget it. Tomorrow got Malay intensive program. Tired arh. 1st June 'O' level MT - paper 1 and 2! So fast sey. Aiyo. Kla byebye.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Hello hello hello! Today JC cook Hor Fun &Bubur Cha Cha. The Chef challenged us to make our own gravy and we made it. He said nice. Bubur cha cha he, Joey and Natasha cooked for us cause no time already. Quite nice,(: Monday we going kitchen tour. Then we will be give $10 each group to spend on the ingredients we need to buy and COOK FOR OUR PRINCIPAL! My group and me discussed and we had decided to cook hor fun and bubur cha cha and maybe a drink -: ice lemon tea. Hope he likes it. Can't wait to cook for him. Hahaa .. After the session end, I need go find MT. Find find find then MP said he at general office. Before that MP said "want to see your mye dnt paper?" Then I go look. 51/70. A2. I can't believe it, really. Cause I thought I failed. Thnk God larh. Then before going, I said "byebye cher. Happy marking" hahaas .. Thats it for today. Byebye, TC.


Hello again! Today 12pm must be a haven. Went to JC as usual. Fun. Cook fried chicken with sauce and yellow rice. NICE, yumyum. Hahaa .. Then the chef late. Hahaa. Ali assist also. He help to cut and taste our cooking. We cook until its 3.30pm like that. The next 2 hours, rest; bored! Tomorrow we going to cook hor fun. Yummy. Kla gottago. Byebyeeeeeee. TC.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


HELLO! So happy today last paper, D&T! We home after that. Take a rest, eat. 11.50am meet H and M. Had elective module. Wa sooo fun! :D. I thought it was going to be a boring day. But its not. Learnt how to cook spagetti ole oleo. There's 4 in a group. Me, Jia Wei, Pan, Pei Ting. We cooperate and work together well(: Our Chefs names -: Chef Joe, Chef Hashim &one more forget. And there's Ali Khan too! Long time never meet him. Hahaas .. All end at 5.30pm. TIRED. Phew. Tomorrow gonna cook Malay food, yummy. Hehee. Monday going tour at a restaurant. I think at Islamic Restaurant. Can bring our cameras. But not camera phone. Hahaas, thats what Ms Neo said. Kla till here. Tired. Byebyee, takecare.

Monday, May 18, 2009


Hello. Today school was fine. Had maths paper 2. Was okay okay larh. After paper end, teacher said "go and look which course you get into" I looked and found out I get into junior chef. Sad cause not same group with my friends. More 'sadder' I'm the only Malay girl in the course. XY never go cause of 'some valid reason' piseed of with her, okay forget it. I also found out that Nizam took junior chef too. Hahaa, funny kan. Tomorrow last paper - dnt. Hope can pass. The elctive module 12.15-5.30. So long right .. But nvm larh. Till here. Byebye. I quite love today,(:

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Hello hello hello. Thank God Its Friday. So can relax. But Monday still got paper. Today's paper - Chemistry was okay. Hope I can pass! (: Wish me luck, hee. Malay paper failed by 2 marks only. Haiyo .. But its okay. Will try harder. 'O' level MT on 1st of June! SO FAST!? Then we got the EM course need to go. Aiyo. I take JC(Junior Chef). Cannot change anymore :( Sad right. Haix, forget it. Just now chatted with Farhan on MSN. Well, he coming back to school on next Wednesday. Hope he's okay. Hmm kay thats it for today! Byebye. And btw, I LOVE TODAY! :D.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Hi. Social studies paper was all right.
Hope to pass, bye!

"I'm Not That Sort Of Person, Hello?"
-: to someone.

Saturday, May 9, 2009


Firstly, if I msg, do reply. If your prepaid low, just give me a call.
Secondly, if you want to reply late, let me know. So that I won't have to wait like a log.
Thirdly, I don't like msg that doesn't have any .,?! - like that. Its like the msg are not sincerely like that arh. To me.
Lastly, if you said "later I msg you" do msg back. If don't wish to msg, just say!
You know why anot, cause some people do like this. Geram sey.

That's all. Byebye,