Monday, August 24, 2009


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A "happy birthday nasriyah!" from 2 people - Adilah and Joanne. Thnks. Today took physics and geography paper. Physics okay can larh. Geog - I leave delta qns blank. I forget larh. Cause I studied ox-bow lakes alot. Hehee. Tomorrow's paper - d&t and maths paper 2. I think I'm gonna flung maths and humanities, :( I said I think so not really want to. I havent pay the $45 for prom night. Maybe tomorrow. Is going prom such a waste of time and money? I was like - its once in a lifetimeeee! But my friends thought - aiya no need larh waste time only. But I never follow them, I am going(: Okay larh. Gottago, BYE.

Sunday, August 23, 2009


The Koala bear is cutee,(:

Hello everyone. Today's my birthday. But I dont think its a happy one. But yesterday at 12midnight, my family gave me a watch: CASIO. Something like that. Thnks alot yarh(: Today school as per normal. Took chem and maths. Was quite hard. Hope can pass. Only Ravetha wishes me happy birthday, so touched, but none of my BEST friends wished me.! I'm so sad :( Nvm larhhh, I lazy to type already, no mood on my own birthday! :(< Don't bother to say "oh sorry, I forget"

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


TODAY, WEDNESDAY: I really cant stand it when I'm upset, then nak . . . No need say arhhhhhh. So frustrateddddd!

Gotten English Prelim paper 1 and overall marksss. FAILED:(((((((((( ! WAS LIKE OH MY, WHAT HAPPENED TO ME?! Haixszxszxsz OKAY change TOPIC. Gotten our Malay o level results. Like (haix) I got C6. My target was actually B3. Munirah got A1 and Adilah got A2. Congratulations to them. Was really disappointed as well as upset with myself. Need RE-take paper again. A failed. But he like never ever sad like that. Haiya, got nothing to say arh, no mood. BYE! :(

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Hello! Last two days was the submission of our N level d&T coursework. We were rushing ahhaa and the design studio all messy with many stationary lost, papers all over the place and GLUE - gone! Hahaa .. But lucky, now all done(: Today school as usual. M and F never come school. Sick. Pity them. Hope they are well soon cause prelims coming - 24/08 - :( Sad sey, Cause .. 24 is the day . . . Hee, not telling you people. Malay lesson watch - seksa. Then blablbla tired .. Going eat now, BYE! Hmm .. I quite love today,! (:

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Hello all. Here I am again blogging. But there's nothing interesting to blog about. Now at school design studio. Doing d&t. Tomorrow's the deadline !! I can see that every each one of my classmates are working hard right now. But some are not. Haix. Hope they can pass. Now at D.S, very messy. Cause we throw here, there everywhere! Hahaa, k stop here now. Time now is 5.22pm. Tireddddd. K BYE! I love to dayyy! (:

Sunday, August 9, 2009



Monday, August 3, 2009


This flower on top cute right. My sister bought it for me, hahaa(:
HELLO againnn. So much things had happened these few days. Too much to type, hahaa. Today school as usual. Farhan was absent cause fever. He msg me. Malay lesson, hahaa funny arh. Nvm arh skip k. After school do dnt. Finish my product and going to finish my folio soon. Munirah combed my hair just now. Hahaa. My hair like cat's tail. Hahaa, okay. After folio's done, after that .. still cannot relax. Haix still got English &SS preli his Wednesday and Thursday. National Day coming, So happy! :D. My birthday too. Hee. But only some remember, I guess. Nvm nvm .. (: Gotttago, and psst, I Love Today, k byeeee! (: